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This is the classic Anadrol(Anapolon)/Test(Sustanon) stack. If you’re looking for sheer mass, you are not going to find a better mi.



This is the classic Anadrol(Anapolon)/Test(Sustanon) stack. If you’re looking for sheer mass, you are not going to find a better mix . Be warned though, estrogenic side effects are likely to be intense. It’s a good idea to have Tamoxifen(Nolvanex) (1 tablet a day for 7 week , starting from 2nd week) close by.
As with all cycles, protein intake should be increased.
A supply of 1- 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight/day is usually effective.
Eat sufficient supply of complex carbohydrates and drink plenty of water.
Take your daily mineral/vitamin complex supplement with this cycle.

Please consider reading our FAQ page before ordering.

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Hilma Biocare, Genexpharma


  1. Leon

    This is the second time I order and have to say I am very impressed with the service they provide. Everything from ordering to payment to shipping is very professionally done, never an issue with communication as you are always updated when there is a status change on your order. genuine products, great customer service.
    BUT, the stack ordered was not for me. I had too much water retention and my blood pressure was much higher than normal. This stack is way too androgenic and not good for beginners and even for intermediate gym goers. Be warned.

  2. Kevin

    I placed my first order about two months ago and received it in about 9 days. I have been getting great results with what I ordered so far. I was skeptical so I only ordered 1 stack. I placed my second order a few days ago and cant wait to test Advanced II. They are great in communication and keep you informed during the entire process. I highly recommend using this company because the prices are excellent. Better than many competitors that I have checked out.

  3. Jake

    I bought this to have a lean muscle mass but I gained some serious weight. On 3rd week I started decreasing the carbo I was having and increased protein %10 and then I added some extra cardio. so the last half of the cycle was a leaner gain. I recommend using Essentiale with this because of Anapolon.

  4. Ian

    10 days international which is quite fast for me.
    It arrived fast USA but customs took a few days.
    Overall experience is positive.

  5. Matt

    Hell of a stack. Very effective if you watch your workout intensity and your diet.
    Also, I would give a medal to Patrick who is caring about customer services-and pretty much everything- over there.

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