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This is a very basic cycle for who has limited to none experience with steroids.




This is a very basic cycle for who has limited to none experience with steroids. Tamoxifen added to prevent any form of gynecomastia due to highly aromatizable nature of dianabol. As with all cycles, protein intake should be increased. A supply of 1- 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight/day is usually effective. Eat sufficient supply of complex carbohydrates and drink plenty of water. Take your daily mineral/vitamin complex supplement with this cycle

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  1. Stephen

    A solid choice for a beginner. I don’t think any side effects are much of a concern as dosages are very small. It recommends using Nolvadex but I wouldn’t bother.
    Highly recommended.

  2. Bobby

    I’m 29M and even though used tons of supplements before had never tried steroids so I asked Patrick and he suggested me starting with this stack.
    I followed the whole cycle for 12 weeks and I gained 5lb plus 3lbs of fat. I’m not sure if it’s adequate though, I was expecting like 10lbs of pure muscle. I asked Patrick about the outcome and he assured me the result was satisfactory.
    I will take a 12 weeks break and do another cycle.
    I will share the results here.

  3. Wade

    Ahh, good old BEGINNER I .
    It all started with this. 🙂
    ..and now I’m on Advanced III and already gained 26lbs of muscle mass over the year. I left my review there too.
    It’s no surprising these stacks work because they are taken from Llewellyn’s Anabolics book and we all know how competent guy he is.
    I strongly recommend this to guys who are beginners.

  4. Ramon

    This should be labelled as “elementary” not even beginner as it is a very weak cycle. It should only be tried by rookies who never ever injected to their butts other than vitamins.
    Do not expect more than 5-lbs of gains.
    Very safe way to start steroids, I say.

  5. Scottie

    purchased this and thought it would work and it did not. There was no improvement on anything. Maybe its dependent on the person.
    Pharmabol contacted me and to offer another kit free of charge because they stand behind it. After trying the 2nd kit and following some advice of Patrick’s I had 9 lbs of lean mass in 6 weeks.
    That’s some great customer service. Thanks

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