T-400 (Testosterone mix)

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* 25 mg testosterone propionate
* 188 mg testosterone enanthate
* 187 mg testosterone cypionate


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Per ml consists of:

* 25 mg testosterone propionate
* 188 mg testosterone enanthate
* 187 mg testosterone cypionate

4000mg x 1 vial (10 ml)(400mg/ml)

** For description of each esters please refer to individual pages **

Please consider reading our FAQ page before ordering.

Buy testosterone mix online

4 reviews for T-400 (Testosterone mix)

  1. Robert

    I wish it has only enanthate and cypionate. For me , propionate ester is pretty much useless because it acts so fast and tapers off feels like waste of money.
    Recommended though.

  2. James

    The reason I bought this over Sustanex or Sustanon is this mix have all the major esters: enanthate, propionate and cypionate. Mid and long esters have higher concentrations and that suits me because I need propionate in small amounts till others start kicking in.
    The quality was good, injection side was a bit painful at first shot and didn’t go away for 4 days. Next time I made sure the buttocks are wiped with alcohol and I didn’t get any swallow. Recommended.

  3. Seth

    Took a while to get my order around 2 weeks. Bad communication in the beginning I guess since there are new site i’ll let that go after a few weeks they answered every email and even offered to reship if my order didn’t come. I’ll update results soon.

  4. Sidney

    This is my first review of this company. It has been about 7 weeks now and everything is working like it should, I am getting leaner, harder and more vascular. I have read some other reviews and I believe most people think steroids can make miracles. It takes hard work and dedication. That being said my energy and recovery are outstanding. The strength gains are there and so is the “great feeling”. The only complaint I have is the payment process. Other payment methods are becoming a pain in the ass and I need to switch to Bitcoin. I need to learn it first, damn!

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