TESTRENEX 400 (Testosterone & Trenbolone mix)

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* 250 mg testosterone enanthate
* 150 mg trenbolone enanthate

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Per ml consists of:

* 250 mg testosterone enanthate
* 150 mg trenbolone enanthate

4000mg x 1 vial (10 ml)(400mg/ml)

** For description of each esters please refer to individual pages **

Please consider reading our FAQ page before ordering.

buy trenbolone testosterone mix online

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4 reviews for TESTRENEX 400 (Testosterone & Trenbolone mix)

  1. Mark

    Well i will comment on the tren e as i already had a base i was running from another source. The test and tren a was for a friend. Well i ran the tren e for 8 weeks. As I’ve ran tren a few tines before. This was of a different breed. End of second week i started to get heavy sides. Blood pressure, headaches. I knew tren takes few weeks to get stable blood levels. I dropped my test e to 250wk and continued 400 -450wk around the 3rf to 4th week. My strength shot up considerably, the lower test leveled out the tren and 5th week. I become the monster, old lady couldn’t keep me off her. Aggression the the roof. I lost few inches on waste. That was sick there. 30%more vascular than i was. Gained 6 lbs hard mass.. Lost 10 lbs fat. I believe this is what tren was supposed to be. This stuff is on fire.

  2. David

    Two of the best enanthate esters you can get into your system. Highly recommended.

  3. Paul

    I have been dealing with Pharmabol for over a year and I just want those who are interested to know that I am very satisfied.
    The open communication is very satisfying they respond to all of my emails within 24 hours.
    I’m unable to afford regular blood work but I can tell you that my bench press have increased significantly and my leg strength has also doubled with excellent recovery time I have been using these products since my last shipment which was 20 days.

  4. Kirk

    The communication and support is truly second to none. You do not need to worry that they won’t respond once payment is made which means there is no need to email them for status as they update you throughout the process so you always know what’s going on with your order.
    And these guys have been around since 1998, God i was a small kid back then 🙂

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